Well it has taken me some time but I finnally played a first person shooter (FPS) online via Xbox Live.  It was Call of Duty: World at War and I got my ass handed to me but I am learning.

I have played online games before.  When Doom and Warcraft 2 came out I played with friends over telephone connections.  I started using the internet for gaming about the time Diablo came out.  The first time I really sat down and played with other people was when I got into World of Warcraft.  It was fun but I didn’t see the light of day for about a year.

A little backgroud.  I get bad motion sickness.  FPS have a bad habbit of making me ill.  As graphics have improved it seems that I don’t get as ill as I used to.  This has been the primary reason why I have stayed away from FPS games.  I really want to get back on the horse though.  They are the most popular genre of online game and they are also quick.  A match lasts like 10-15mins.  You can play match after match but you aren’t commited to keep playing.  When I was playing World of Warcraft, you would start a quest with all your buddies and if you needed to leave, it would leave them in a lurch.  In these games if you drop off someone else just gets rolled in.  This is much more condusive to a lifestyle that doesn’t involve spending 8 hours online at a time.

My favorite genre is generally role playing games (RPGs).  I like the stories and the charater progressions.  One of the things I like about World at War is the progressions you make.  The more you play the more you unlock.  It works kinda like leveling up and I enjoy it.

Anyway playing the game was fun yet frustrating.  I think I would enjoy it more once I learn the mapps better (aka find choke points) and if I was working with a team.  I could have stepped up to try and get people to work together but as it was my first time playing the game I thought it would end up being a case of the blind leading the blind.

I do look forward to improving my skills and branching into this new (for me) genre of gaming.  See you on the battlefield!

Wrap your noodle around this

This Saturday we attended the annual Kaleden Spaghetti dinner.  This dinner is put on by the Kaleden Community Church Youth Group in support of their Mexico Mission trip.  This annual trip takes a group of young people from the South Okanagan down to poor region of Mexico to build a house.  These are very basic one room homes but they are sturdy and a great improvement over the standard pieces of sheet metal and boards most of the town’s residents live under.  This year over 250 people turned up for the event.  This is an amazing number.  That represents over 10% of Kaleden’s population.  Try running any charity event and getting that kind of response.


Being a member of the Church’s congregation we get to listen to the teens when they return.  They speak about what they did and how it affected them.  That feedback is really important to me.  It really helps me connect with the donations I have made.  I may not be able to attend in person and experience it first hand but at least I can see how the trip improved lives there and back home.  I think the trip is important for both the needy families in Mexico and the youth that traveled there.  It gives them much needed perspective on what we have to be so thankful for.


I also like this dinner because it is just another excuse to get everyone together for some fun.  My wife’s family has lived in the area for many years.  Everyone comes over to the table, shakes hands and catches up.  Most of the regulars know me and have kind of adopted me as their own.  I have only been with my wife for 3 years now and already I am hunted down specifically for hugs and handshakes.  Things are pretty friendly on the west side of the lake.


I also want to mention that they have a live band at this event playing dinner jazz music.  I am not sure who these kids were but man could they play.  There were three of them: drummer, lead guitar and bass.  They all did an amazing job.  My attempts to play guitar have really helped me appreciate good guitar and bass work.  These young men were fantastic.