Well it has taken me some time but I finnally played a first person shooter (FPS) online via Xbox Live.  It was Call of Duty: World at War and I got my ass handed to me but I am learning.

I have played online games before.  When Doom and Warcraft 2 came out I played with friends over telephone connections.  I started using the internet for gaming about the time Diablo came out.  The first time I really sat down and played with other people was when I got into World of Warcraft.  It was fun but I didn’t see the light of day for about a year.

A little backgroud.  I get bad motion sickness.  FPS have a bad habbit of making me ill.  As graphics have improved it seems that I don’t get as ill as I used to.  This has been the primary reason why I have stayed away from FPS games.  I really want to get back on the horse though.  They are the most popular genre of online game and they are also quick.  A match lasts like 10-15mins.  You can play match after match but you aren’t commited to keep playing.  When I was playing World of Warcraft, you would start a quest with all your buddies and if you needed to leave, it would leave them in a lurch.  In these games if you drop off someone else just gets rolled in.  This is much more condusive to a lifestyle that doesn’t involve spending 8 hours online at a time.

My favorite genre is generally role playing games (RPGs).  I like the stories and the charater progressions.  One of the things I like about World at War is the progressions you make.  The more you play the more you unlock.  It works kinda like leveling up and I enjoy it.

Anyway playing the game was fun yet frustrating.  I think I would enjoy it more once I learn the mapps better (aka find choke points) and if I was working with a team.  I could have stepped up to try and get people to work together but as it was my first time playing the game I thought it would end up being a case of the blind leading the blind.

I do look forward to improving my skills and branching into this new (for me) genre of gaming.  See you on the battlefield!

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  1. I am available anytime to p0wn your ass on the battlefield. Just let me know.

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