Come on baby light my fire

I am making chili tonight.  Not just any chili, my champion chili.  This recipe has won two armature chili cook-offs and I am still working and reworking the recipe today.  This is how it stands currently:

Canned Goods:
1              can mushrooms (pieces and stems, drained)
1              can mushrooms (whole, drained)
1              can kidney beans (do not strain)
1              can black beans (do not strain)
2              cans dices tomatoes
1              can tomato paste

1lb          lean ground beef
1/2lb      bacon (finely diced)

6tbsp     chili powder
6tsp       onion salt
2tsp       basil
2tsp       garlic powder
2tsp       pepper
4-6tbsp maple syrup
1              chipotle pepper

Throw everything into a crock pot and cook on high for at least 5 hours.  Serve with garlic bread or cheese buns.

So yeah.  That is all there is to it.  The chipotle pepper was my most recent addition and it has such a good flavor.  Also I used to cook everything on the stove and it took about an hour.  The slow cooker is like a magic pot that makes the meat so good.  I don’t think I would ever go back to cooking it on the stove.  It really made a big difference.  Please try it out and let me know what you think.  Please offer ways I can improve it.  The whole concept of this chili is smokey-spicy.  I wouldn’t call it zesty or tangy.  Those aren’t the flavors I am going for.  Comment away!

7 Responses

  1. Turned out amazing as usual Brad!! Yummy!!
    I was thinking that some more veggies may be a good addition. I’m thinking celery, carrots, green pepper, Onion, sort of a vegitarian version with meat! LOL

    • I have thought about veggies but I worry that they will take away from what I am trying to create. I am looking for a more traditional chili. Meat and beans. I know it isn’t great for you (that is why I only make it once and a while) but too many veggies starts to make it seem like spaghetti sauce.

      You could try my base recipe and add veggies. Just make sure to invite me over to try it.

  2. I suppose there is a fine line between chili and spagetti sauce, I guess I am just a veggi lover though. I will try it some time and no doubt it will be a tuesday (D&D night)

  3. Apparently one of my readers (one the ten of you!) is going to make this chili for a chili cook off. I have asked her to tell me how it goes. I think it is this week. I will keep everyone up to date. Stay tuned.

  4. So I made your Chili, with a few alterations, for a chili cook off at work today. I came in fourth, but in an office of predominantly men, who would have guessed that the overspiced-burn-your-tongue-off-heartburn-inducer would have taken first? Surprisingly second place was not at all spicy, it was sweet with franks and a mable baked beans flavour.
    Thanks for the tips Brad. Because I usually cook for a a ten year old who won’t eat sauce (yet, but I am sure you can fix her), I tend to make bland food most nights.
    I missed Chili.

  5. That is the thing with chili. Normally it needs to be spicy to win. The first contest I won with the chili was at my parent’s church. The average voting age was 60+. Frankly I was worried about some of them keeling over. Anyway I am glad it turned out tasty. Lets work hard on making you #1 next time!

  6. Oh it was spicy.
    I mean, any idiot can overload on spices and make chili that is so spicy it burns your mouth, and then gives you heartburn, and then the ring of fire….
    But it takes talent to make a chili with a good flavor and some kick.
    My chili was just that. But the strangest thing happened….
    It tasted good, enough spices that it made your mouth dance. But the ten minutes later when your were back at your desk, slugging away at your mundane job, your tongue tingled, like re-living the memory of the party. Like a little Mardi Gras in your mouth, you can’t help but smile, and no one knows why but you. Very sensual.
    I know, I know, that kind of sublety can’t win a cook-off, it was just a nice surprise.
    And now that your all, all ten of you as Brad says, think that I am carzy, I am going to the store for some more chili ingredients…..

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