Rollin’ with the hommies

So a few of us have been playing dungeons and dragons for a while now.  Yesterday I hosted (a.k.a. DMed) a 4th edition session and it went quite well.  Here is the story of so far as our heroes brave the dangers of the Kobold Hall.

Our heroes started their adventure in the town of Fallcrest.

Kava is a Dragonborn Ranger who came to Fallcrest to make money escorting trade caravans along the trade road.  Unfortunately trading has been slow and he has been working as a porter carrying goods from boats below the town’s waterfalls to boats waiting above.  He hates his job and has been waiting for an opportunity to find fortune.

Kane Shadowsedge is a Human Wizard came to Fallcrest to learn from a reported master wizard who lives in the town.  Unfortunately the claims were greatly exaggerated.  He has been spent most of his time sipping ale trying to figure out what to do next.

Hesikiah is a Teifling Cleric of Ioun.  He came to Fallcrest to hopefully establish a small temple.  He hasn’t been in town long but did find a shrine to Ioun in one of the larger temples in town.  He does not feel he could make many converts in this town.  His lust for knowledge is driving him to move along.

Our heroes met one evening when some particularly nasty bar patrons started to cause trouble.  Working together they were able to remove the ruffians.  They decided that they would work together to take up the challenge of the local lord to remove a Kobold threat in the area.

The lord also introduced them to a local Paladin of Erathis, Wil, who was zealous to bring civlization to the Kobolds or remove the abomination by force.

The heroes set off with their mules and wagon to explore the threat at a site the local call Kobold Hall.  It was a large estate that had been abandoned for many years.  The townspeople have seen the Kobold bandits hanging out around the ruins.  This would be a sensible place for base of operations.

As the heroes enter an underground they are attacked by a few of the little lizard people.  They threw odd, glue-bombs that hampered movement and stabbed at them with spears.  The heroes easily dispatched the nasty beasts.  The only casualty was Kava’s pride as he was pushed into a pit of green, sticky muck by a Kobold less than half his size.  One sneaky fellow did manage to escape and warn his allies.

As the heroes continue they enter an old tomb.  The Kobolds are crouched behind some of the coffins for cover, shooting at the heroes as they enter.  Kava attempted to rush the enemies and only avoids getting hit by a poison dart trap but falling on his face.  The heroes overcame the Kobolds but the sneaky fellow did manage to run off again.

As the heroes pursued the sneaky Kobold they interrupted a game of skull-skull.  Using a large rock on a rope, the Kobolds try to knock a skull off a coffin.  The rock on a rope also works well against the heads of the heroes.  Kava was hit hard and was knocked into another pit of green muck.  The heroes also met the Kobold’s pet Guard Drakes.  The Drakes are very nasty beasts who managed to mortally wound Wil.  The rest of the party was able to quickly dispatch the remaining enemies (Kava managing a mighty blow that took down a drake in one hit) and stabilize Wil.

Our heroes’ last encounter of the night leads them into a large room.  As soon as they entered, a very large boulder started rolling around the room.  Anyone caught in its path was painfully crushed.  The heroes were assaulted by glue-throwing Kobolds.  Hesikiah was hit by a glue-bomb and was hurt badly when he was unable to move out of the way of the rolling boulder.  A well placed sleep spell cast by Kane allowed the party to quickly kill the Kobold’s leader.  Unfortunately a sneaky Spiretop Drake stole Kava’s coin purse and took off down passage hidden behind a secret door.  Though they did loose some coin, the Kobold leader did have a magic orb that Kane might find useful.  A note found on the dead leader also points to someone or something more sinister behind the Kobold attacks.  What lurks beyond the secret passage…?