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I am not posting a D&D update this week as we didn’t play in the campaign I run this week.  As a group we meet weekly but we trade off roles.  There are two of us who Dungeon Master (DM) and we take turns doing it.  The DM is the story teller and generally runs the game.  A campaign is the story you are trying to tell.  So my campaign is based on the latest rules for D&D known as the 4th edition.  The other campaign is based on the 2nd edition rules.  This system is really fun because it gives each of the DMs plenty of time to come up with good quality material and it also gives us a chance to both play in and run a game.  Because of vacations and things it will probably be about 2 or 3 weeks before you hear any more tales of Kava, Kane, Sarge and Hesikiah.

Over these weeks I will be talking about some of the tools I use for putting together my game.  The first thing anyone who is playing the game needs is a few rules books.  If you just a player then you can get by with the Players Hand Book (PHB).  This book has all the basic rules of the game.  It tells you how to make characters and how to fight monsters.  It also has some near gear you can outfit your character in.  If you are DMing a game you will need at least two more books; The Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) and the Monster Manual (MM).  The DMG has useful information on how to build encounters and how much treasure to give your players.  It also has a pre-built adventure that you can run first level characters through.  I used this adventure for my first session.  The MM is basically a book filled with, well, monsters.  It gives you all the monster information so that you can use them when building your own campaign.  There are many other useful books.  For players there are books with new items and new skills.  For DMs there are books with more monsters and pre-published adventures where all you have to do is guide the players through an existing story.

The neat thing is that using these rules and resources, I can take pretty much any story and translate it to the gaming table.  I can look at a battle from Lord of the Rings and re-create it for my players to fight in.  This time they get to decide how the battle turns out.  In creating my games I tend to use a bit of theft and a bit of my own ideas.  I try to draw inspiration from things I have read and video games I have played but then put a new spin on it.  I really feel a drive to tell my own story.  The problem is I can only see a few weeks of it laid out in my head.  So far my players seem to be having fun so I guess I am doing OK.

In upcoming posts I will talk more about how I specifically go about preparing for a gaming session.  Please leave your comments about your adventures with D&D or other hobbies and how you have become passionate about them.

3 Responses

  1. Just thought I would comment that you are doing a great job at keeping things very interesting while challenging the different abilities of all characters participating!

    I look forward to our next session played in the ongoing saga of Kane, Kava, Sarge and Hesikiah!

  2. Thanks man. Feedback is the only way to improve. I appreciate it.

  3. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

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