Mission-fest weekend

This week our church participated in Mission-fest. This is a local event put on by a few of the community churches in Penticton, Kaleden and OK Falls.

This year’s fest kicked off with a Rwandan-style dinner and African drumming at First Baptist in Penticton. The dinner was really good. There was like a vinaigrette, coleslaw style salad that was very good. The lady in charge of the dinner said she would be posting the recipe soon. Drumming was done by a local group out of Penticton. They were very good and the performance also had some African dancing. It also has sparked my interest in drumming. There is something cool about spanking dead cow skin a few times a week. We also heard a speaker who talked about his mission work in Indonesia. He was teaching in the area when the tsunami hit. He went to some of the worst hit areas and helped the rebuild homes, churches and schools. It was a very real presentation with him showing us a picture of someone and saying his sister died or their neighbour’s home was wiped away. I still feel like I only have 1/100th the sense of what kind of disaster occurred there.

The next day we were up bright an early to head to breakfast at our own Kaleden Community Church. Breakfast was African-esk. We had oatmeal with many fixing. One of them was non-African but very tasty: ice-cream. It is really good. Next time you have oatmeal try it with some vanilla ice-cream.  It will not disappoint.

After breakfast we went on down to Oliver to check out the Gleaners. The Gleaners is an organization who takes produce that would normally just be thrown out and turns it into dried soup mix. After the tour Tamara and I processed potatoes. They have a peeling machine but because these potatoes are seconds some of them have bad spots that need to be cut out. Then the potatoes are diced by a slicing machine, blanched to remove extra starch and dried in a huge dryer. The Gleaners started producing soup about 14 years ago. The first year they produced just over 100,000 cups of soup. Last year they produced over 6.5 million cups. They are also looking to expand their operations and are in the process of acquiring more land. The entire operation is run on donations and volunteer service. It is truly amazing. It is a very cool feeling to touch and process food that may end up in the belly of a starving child. I found it moving and hope to go back some day.

After the Gleaners we headed to the OK Falls Community church for a soup and sandwich lunch. After lunch we heard another speaker who talked about spreading peace and justice in areas like Cambodia. She does mission work that revolves around working on peace planning in developing counties recovering from armed conflict. She brought up interesting point about how armed conflict has lasting effect on the country that most people don’t really think about. These include increased corruption and injustice fuelled by poverty and strife.

Tamara and I did not attend the afternoon speakers because we had some errands to run but we did head back to First Baptists in Penticton for dinner. During dinner there were a few booths set up about some local and abroad missions. Pastor Les Clarke had a booth set up showcasing the upcoming Mexico missions trip I spoke about in an earlier post. The other booth that caught my eye was the Habitat for Humanity booth. I think this would be a cool thing to do because it not only helps someone but also provides me with training in home construction. I think that is a useful skill to have. Anyway it is something I might look into.

The evening ended for us with some praise and worship. The rest of the attendees watched the movie Hotel Rwanda but as I own the move we decided to go home and let the dogs run around. All in all it was a busy weekend that lacked our normal Saturday sleep in but I think it was well worth it. I had fun, got some good information and praised the Lord. Please leave your comments about any mission work you have done or want to do.  God bless.

Wii woes

This whole Wii Fit gig is harder then I thought.  My first problem is the weigh-in.  Apparently my weight can shift plus of minus 5 pounds with ease.  It is very hard to figure out if I am loosing weight.  I would have to weigh myself at the same time every night wearing the same clothes to get an accurate reading.  This is hard to do.  Sometimes I can get my workout done before dinner and sometimes I have to wait until after.  This means that sometimes I haven’t eaten since noon and other times I have eaten an hour or two before.  So that is my first dilemma.  My weigh-ins have been going up and down like a yo-yo.

Second problem is drive.  It is hard to keep myself doing this.  Last week I missed working out on Friday.  We had dinner at a friend’s house and didn’t get home until late.  I did work out Sunday evening to make up for it but still I had already missed the goal I had set for myself.  This week was not good.  Tuesday I was busy cooking dinner and they DMing our weekly D&D session so it wasn’t until 11:00pm I had stuff cleaned up.  So I missed it Tuesday.  Wednesday I had ample opportunity to work out, I just didn’t do it.  I just couldn’t motivate myself.  I did get back on the horse last night though.  I really didn’t want to.  I felt very discouraged.  I do have to say I feel better today knowing that I did it.  My abs would tell you otherwise but I do feel good.

I know the workouts I am doing are not really intense or require too much effort but it is just so easy to sit on the couch and watch one more show.  While the idea of using a video game to train with is good, it can get boring.  I think that may be part of my problem with exercise in general.  I find it all very boring.  It isn’t fun for me.  I was hoping this would make it more fun but it really hasn’t grabbed me.  I am going to continue with this as I know I need the exercise but it is a struggle.  I hope something clicks with me and I start to look forward to it instead of dreading it.  If anyone has pointers or comments please post.

We should open a bar!

Here is our weekly D&D update

Having just defeated the human commander and his hobgoblin lackeys, the party moves forth in search of the dwarf porter’s guild leader.  They manage to find him in the next room with a few of his buddies and his pet wolf fluffy.  The dwarf barks a warning to a little halfling who runs off into another room before rushing the heroes.  As our heroes rushed forward to meet the enemy, they soon learned that the room had many pit traps.  Sarge almost found himself in a hole and the unlucky Kava once again found himself in a heap at the bottom of a pit.  The heroes fought hard with Sarge gaining a record for most hits required to take down a K9.  After the battle Kava found a nice set of Hide armor.

After finishing off the Barstomun, the party cautiously ventures forth into a very odd room.  As they cross over a temporary bridge the room shakes to life.  The platforms shift and move and sometimes spray the combatants with fire, gas, darts or spears.  The thieves in this room surrounded the heroes and inflicted quite a bit of pain.  The hard battle concluded with Kane using his mage hand spell to turn a key, stopping the room of death.  Kava did a great job escorting the bridge throughout the battle.

The party then came to a large double door with an eye inscribed on it.  No one was able to determine what the symbol meant.  As they burst through the door they were greeted by an evil mage who’s face and arms were covered in harsh runes and symbols.  He blasted the party with thunder and lightning.  Other foes were hidden behind curtains in the room and rushed out to meet the heroes.  Kava rush forward bravely but was hammered to the ground by the mage’s guards.  Sarge used his dragon breath to light most of the curtains of fire, creating a hazard for anyone near them and eliminating hiding places.  Hesikiah did his best to keep the Dragonborn on their feet but Kava was repeatedly pummeled and remained unconscious for most of the battle.  Hesikiah did manage to bless the party.  (and don’t you forget.  Fool!)  Kane, in an act of sheer bravery, rushed forward and blasted the mage and his halfling artillery force.  He was able to take down 2 or 3 in one blast.  Sarge delivered a tremendous blow that rocked the mage causing him to run to a corner to continue his fight.  After finally dispatching the remaining guards our heroes came together and triumphed over the mage.   Their efforts were rewarded with Sarge gaining an amulet of protection.

After their long ordeal, the heroes were escorted to the lord.  With Kane waiting outside, the lord apologized for his earlier encounter.  He paid them in full plus a bonus for removing the kobold threat and offered them first crack at a bounty placed on the dragon’s head.  He also informed them that the bar they just descended under no longer had an owner (the owner was one of the thieves in the room of death) and they could have it.  They also received gold and a store credit from the head of the merchant’s guild.  They were grateful for removing the corrupt porter’s guild leader who used his muscle to extort goods and gold from the local merchant community.

The names of our heroes are now well known in Fallcrest.  Word of their deeds may even be spreading further.  The question is though, who is listening…