Smile for the crazy sound wave camera


Everyone loves baby pictures and now it is my turn to show some off.  Tamara had her first ultra-sound yesterday.  It was a very cool experience.  The photos I have in the article are scans of the photos they printed for us so the quality isn’t great.  Also, it is like trying to shoot a moving object with a digital camera.  There is a slight delay so you could see everything a lot better on the monitor.

The experience was very cool.  It helps make it all much more real.  Hearing the heartbeat about a month ago was the first real sign we had something going on.  I mean the tests tell you but the heartbeat is pretty much proof.  This just added to it.  There is really something going on inside there.  The one thing that just didn’t occur to me before the ultra-sound is that we saw it move.  I guess because I am used to seeing pictures of ultra-sounds it never occurred to me that we could see it move.  We did and that was just very cool.  The little baby was just squirming around.  They say Tamara should be able to feel it within a few weeks.  I think that may blow her mind.

They are going to schedule another ultra-sound around 18-20 weeks.  This one was at 15 weeks, 4 days.  I have coffee with a lady who is an ultra-sound tech and she says that your best pictures start at about 18 weeks.  For now you will have to look at these grainy blobs which I promise really are pictures of a baby in my wife’s belly and not that alien I keep in a jar under my bed to offer as a peace trade when Zarcon returns from the Zeeboo galaxy to reclaim the human race.  But I digress.  Leave you comments about babies (and aliens if you like).

Please note there are two of each picture.  There is the origianl and a copy where I highlighted the important bits.


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  1. must be yours, he/she looks a little furry

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