Took a sentimental journey

This weekend, my wife, my grandfather and I joined about 35 other people in the Sage Valley Voices annual spring concert. This year’s concert was a blend of music from the 40’s and 50’s.

As with all our concerts, our costumes match the period. My wife was wearing a 40’s era dress and I was wearing dark jeans, a white t-shirt and leather jacket in a 50’s greaser style. Grandpa was sporting a white sport coat with a pink carnation. All in all the costumes looks really good.

We performed two shows over the weekend and both had a great turn out. The Oliver United Church was pretty much packed both nights. The show started out with music from the 40’s. We sang hits like ‘Chattanooga Choo-Choo,’ ‘Sentimental Journey,’ ‘There is Nothin’ Like a Dame’ and many others. We ended that era with a beautiful piece called High Flight. It is the musical interpretation of a poem written by a RCAF pilot in WWII. It is a beautiful poem and it works very well set to music. It is probably my favorite piece to sing.

Between the eras we had our guest choir come up and sing. This year we welcomed the Naramata Community Choir. They sung three pieces which ended with a song called ‘Sanctouce’ (sp?) which was a piece commissioned by a parish in Vancouver. It was a really neat piece and if you hear of a choir singing it near you go check it out. It is moving both musically and spiritually.

We then started into the 50’s era with a medley of ‘Rock Around the Clock’, ‘Rockn’ Robin’ and ‘Blueberry Hill.’ I have to say that in general I enjoyed singing songs from the 50’s more than then 40’s. I think it is because I can relate to the music a bit better. The 50’s era was presented like the audience was listening to the radio so in between songs we threw in commercials from the era. We are lucky enough to have twins who sing in the choir so we had them do a double-mint gum commercial. They, and the rest of the commercial actors, were a hoot.

So these are just a few high-lights and musings from this concert. I want to give a big thanks to those of you who come out to watch the shows. It is much more fun to sing for a crowd then just singing to yourself. We are now off for the summer but will be starting again in the fall preparing for our Christmas concert. We may even have a 4th generation (at least in the crowd) this winter at the concert. It depends on how well behaved he/she is. Please post your comments below.

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