My apologies for not keeping my players up to date.  This should get us current.

Our heroes continues their trek to up the mountain.  After dispatching some bears they came to a door with a puzzling lock.  After some short deliberation they attempted to open it… and it swung open with ease.  They later determined that failure would have resulted in some form of pain.

They followed the mountain trail down through a lair of bats and after defeating a very nasty trap with whirling blades, they found a one legged kobold who wanted to aid the heroes in killing the tribe that disowned him.  The kobold lead the heroes to an ancient dwarven keep that had been taken over by the kobolds.  They fought their way through kobolds, rats, a game of skull-skull and drakes until they were able to climb a tall tower to discover the real threat.  They also lost a few members of the party.  When searching for a place to rest for the night Kava and Sarge fell and were swept away in an underground river.  Their whereabouts are unknown.  The part did meet some new friends.  They liberated a Halfling who was being roasted by the kobolds.  Moto has proven very good with a blade.  They also met a paladin named Vars who came to help the heroes after meeting up with the priest in Fallcrest.  Lastly the heroes were joined by a female half-orc ranger who had been stalking gnolls in the mountain hoping to collect on the bounty for their heads.  The new party is proving to be very effective.  The true leader of the kobolds was the grey dragon who had been harassing the quarry.  And she wasn’t alone!  The dragon and her young son blasted at the heroes but using divine intervention they were able to hold the dragon in place and lay the beat down on it.

Our heroes now continue to explore the passages of the Whitestone Mountains.  They are still looking for the gnoll encampment, the Halfling alchemist and the location of the evil monastery.

You may have noticed we have an extra person in our party.  Gary has been joining us on Skype.  It has been working out well.  He is playing the halfling.  The other party swapping came because we thought we were loosing our fighter and the party really needed a tank so our ranger became our tank (paladin) but then our original tank was able to work us back into his schedule…  so he became a ranger.  Very ironic but both players are enjoying their new roles.

RRoD Chicken

Bonus points if you get the innuendo in the name of this recipe.

Unfortunately I don’t have exact measurements for this recipe as I just kinda threw it all together.  I will give you the basic premise and you should be able to figure it out.

Large Bottle of Louisiana-style hot sauce (like Frank’s Red Hot)
Enough Drumsticks (or other Chicken Parts) to serve your guests
Montreal Steak Spice

Place your chicken into a large pot.  Pour in hot sauce until in nearly covers the chicken.  Add some steak spice.  I would say 1tbsp for every 5-6 pieces of chicken. Boil the chicken over med-high heat for about 20min (stirring occasionally).  It is ready when the meat just starts to come off the bone.  You do not need to cook it all the way through (we are still going to gill it).  Remove chicken from the large pot and pour the hot sauce into a smaller sauce pan.  Reduce the hot sauce on high heat for about 20min or until it reaches the consistence of slightly runny ketchup.  While the hot sauce is reducing, pre-heat your BBQ.  Make sure that once the gill is hot your brush it well and then apply some oil to the grilling surface to prevent sticking.  Place chicken on the grill and liberally brush with the reduced hot sauce.  Cook the chicken on medium heat for about 7 minutes a side.  You made need to adjust depending on your chicken thickness and your grill temp.  Be sure to brush the chicken again when you flip the pieces.

This chicken goes great with potato salad and corn.  It is very nice and spicy so it is not for the faint of heart(burn).  If you are a little crazy (like me) you could add some additional heat by adding chipotle peppers or, for extreme cases, a habanero to the pot when boiling the chicken.