Baby Updates Right to Your Phone!

As most of my very dedicated readership knows (readership.  Bah ha!) I am having a baby.  As it is getting close to baby time many people are asking how they can get information about what is going on.  While we will be contacting some people by phone it is just too busy to call everyone.  But now, through the wonders of modern technology, you can get breaking news right on you mobile phone.  If you have a cell phone that can send and receive text messages you can get the latest play by play about what is going on with our birth.  To do this you need to get yourself a Twitter account.

Twitter is this new(ish) thing on the internet and it does a bunch of amazing things.  For the purpose of Baby Watch ’09, we are going to use it to get messages from me as labour/birth progresses.  Don’t worry though, you will not be getting any graphic details.  So lets get set up with Twitter!


First go to in any web browser.  Click on Sign up now.


Next, sign up for the service.  There is a one page form you fill out.  It is pretty basic.  Because it has been so long I can’t remember but you may have to check your email once you sign up for a confirmation email.  But regardless it will tell you what you need to know.  Now go back to and sign in.  The sign in button is at the top right of the main page.


You will now be at your twitter home page.  You first need to follow me.  Click on the Find People link in the top right corner of your twitter page.


Make sure you are on the Find on Twitter tab along the top and then type nimrod108 in the search box.  A list of names will show up.  Look for me.  I am the funny digital face on the purple background.  It will also say Brad Nunes under nimrod108.  Click the Follow button.  Now you are following me.  Next we have to set up your cell phone to receive updates.


On your twitter home page, click the settings link.  Find the devices tab along the top.  Enter your cell phone number in the mobile phone box.  Make sure you check off the box that reads ‘It’s okay for Twitter to send txt messages to my phone.  Standard rates apply.’  If you don’t check that box you will not get my updates.  Twitter will then ask that you send a txt message to a number.  This step makes sure you are the one holding the phone.  This prevents someone from setting your phone up so you get slammed with messages.  Once you get tired of getting my updates you can come back to this page to remove your phone from the service.  Twitter does not charge for txt messages.  Your cell phone company may charge you.  It depends on your plan.  Most of the time it is not more then about 25 cents per message but many plans include at least a few a month and I promise not to send hundreds of them.


Now that you have a phone registered from Twitter you have to tell it to get my updates.  From your twitter home page, click on the following link.  In the list look for my name.


Because I can’t follow myself we will pretend I am WilliamShatner.  You will notice a little phone icon across from my name.  It may be a bit hard to see on some screens but it looks like a little phone in a little circle.  If you click on it, it will turn green.


Once the icon is green, that means anything I say on twitter will get sent to your phone.  Messages will come from a funny looking number (21212) but they should say my name at the start of my message.

So that is how you follow me on twitter and get those updates on your cell phone.  If you are friends with me on Facebook I will also be updating my status as things progress (twitter does that for me as well!) but you will have to refresh the page to see any new updates.  If you have questions or have any comments please post them below.  I do check them and it makes me feel special.

2 Responses

  1. Nice! That’s the way to get all of your friends to join TWITTER. Do you get a fee for every user you convice? Just kidding. I will sign up staightaway.

  2. No I do not collect a fee. Sheesh! You try to provide a service and someone will always try to tear it down.

    But no for reals I just want to keep my phone calling down to a select few so I can keep my focus on mom and baby. And I am always impressed in the cool ways you can use technology to connect.

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