Spiders! I hate spiders

Our heroes have started exploring a web-filled cave hoping to discover the location of the missing Halfling alchemist.  So far they have faced off against spiders, beetles, centipedes, carrion crawlers, Ettercaps and oozes.
While exploring these caves our heroes have discovered yet another ally.  While tangling with some Webspinners, they met a new Druid friend.  In the sprit of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, the dwarf druid has joined the party as they continue to search the twisting dark hallways of the Ettercap lair.
The heroes have discovered many forgotten tunnels that twist and link the caverns of the Ettercap’s lair.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a sense of direction in the curvy lair.  In their exploration’s our heros stumbles across some tangler beetles feeding on the corpse of an unfortunate explored (unfortunately it wasn’t the Halfling they are looking for).  When trying to shoo away the pesky bugs the heroes were set upon by acid spitting Ankhegs.  The bugs tried to eat take a chunk out of our adventures but Varis’ armor was just too thick.  A well placed Force Orb from Kane basted the band of bugs.  The heroes danced around the bugs, shooting them at range with Hesikiah keeping everyone well healed.  Rot mortally wounded an Ankheg with her last arrow and it was finished off by Varis.
The heroes continued to stumble though the maze of tunnels until they noticed a door covered by dirt.  It was very much out of place because Ettercaps only create natural structures and they had seen no evidence of anything man made since leaving the main hall.  After applying a bit of strength they opened the door.  Inside was a room with a large glowing portal at the far end.  As the heroes approached to investigate, a horrible mass of twisting tentacles came out of the simmering blue portal.  It was slightly translucent as if it was entirely in the same plane of existence.  The portal winked out and the horrible creature came at the heroes.  It blasted their minds and turned friend against each other.  Varis and Hesikiah prayed to their gods and were granted great strength.  This let them deal a great amount of damage to the Thing from the portal.  Kane activated his fire shield which kept the creature from attacking him.  This let him get into close range and assist Varis in basting the creature.  Hesikiah danced around just out of reach, blasting the thing with holy bolts.  After a long and mentally agonizing battle, the creature winked out of existence.  Kane and Hesikiah tried to decipher the nature of the portal and the creature but were only able to determine it had something to do with the Far Realm.  They did, however, find a ruined spell book and were able to learn a new ritual.  The heroes boarded themselves up the in portal room but their food stocks are running low and Hesikiah is looking a little weak…