Mummy I don’t feel well

We last left our heroes in a defiled temple, standing over the corpse of a vanquished demon. The door to the temple burst open as hordes of gnolls surged into the temple to take their revenge on the heroes. Varis rushed to the door, holding the waves of enemies at bay while Kane blasted massive holes in their ranks. The gnoll corpses stacked up like cord wood and the rest of them took off, howling in fear.

The party found a forgotten tunnel behind a tapestry which leads them towards the secret monastery they have been looking for. The monastery is situated on a cliff wall overlooking a lush valley. The heroes approached at night. They carefully opened the door and were greeted by rows of what appeared to be statues. As they cautiously entered the statues jumped forward as waves of vampires lead by two evil skull lords. The skull lords kept commanding their minions to rise. Kane was able to roast the minions with fire and Hesikia bathed them in holy light. The undead soon succumb to the heroes’ onslaught. The heroes then explored a balcony where they were greeted by green-flaming skulls and a few skeletal bats! The party took heavy damage as the skulls unleashed fiery revenge on the party. The brave (or stupid) ranger rushed into the fray so his party could retreat. When the rest of the party patched themselves together to press the attack, they found their comrade a burnt our crisp. Fighting back tears over another fallen comrade they surged forward, pounding the creatures. Varis managed to attract most of their attention while Carlos took care of his foes one at a time. Hesikiah and Didmyous kept everyone else on their feet and Kane continued to blast away.

The party retreated back into the mountainside to rest and collect themselves. Hesikiah and Varis lead a solemn service for their departed friend. Rested, the party returned to the monastery to unlock it’s secrets and avenge their friend. After dealing with a slightly annoying mummy, the party entered the next room. This place used to be grand dining and study hall. It appears to still be used for dining but of the undead variety. There was gore strewn about the place and it reeked of death. The gore attracted swarms of tomb motes which decided they wanted a taste of fresher meat and swarmed the party. As they joined into the battle, Kane noticed a shadowy figure fade into a wall. As the heroes were bitten and stung by the insects, a dark reaper tried to cut down the mage. Kane acted quickly, teleporting to a safe distance. The party was able to blast at the motes and then quickly subdue the reaper. The party then pushed onto the next room.

They entered a chamber with an unholy dias above which was floating an undead beholder! He screamed at the heroes saying he would destroy them in the name of his master. The party quickly surrounded him, taking advantage of the beholder’s need to attack everyone each round. This caused Varis’ Divine Challenge to fire off each round and Kane’s fire shield to burn him. Though he dealt out a lot of damage, the beholder was destroyed by Hesikiah’s holy might. The aberration crashed through a window and landed with a flaming splat on the balcony below. The heroes were victorious but this monastery still has many doors and many more secrets.

NOTE: Just as an update we now have the following characters:
Kane Shadowsedge the human Wizard played by Josh.
Hesikiah the teifling Cleric played by Ray.
Varis the half-elf Paladin played by Rob
Didmyous Bigums the human Warlord played by Gary (who joins us via Skype and used to play the rogue).
Carlos the eladrin (high elf) Avenger played by Shayne.
and Claww the razor-claw shifter played by Curtis (who was playing the ranger).