Next stop, the rest of your life

Hello again great mass of readers. I know you have been waiting with baited breath for a new post. Anyway I want to talk about how the whole birth of my son went down. It was the most amazing thing to ever experience. Here is the basic timeline and what happened.

Oct. 12 @ 10:00 – We went to the hospital to have gel applied to help start labour. This does not put you into active labour like oxytocin does. This gel just helps the process get going if your body is ready. The doctor told us it normally peaks around 4-5 hours so if you feel it, come back in around 15:00 or 16:00. She also said that if we didn’t feel anything we should come back to get checked out around 18:00 or 18:30. After she finished the procedure we left the hospital.

Oct. 12 @ 11:00 – Headed out to lunch at Tims then went for an hour long walk along the Okanagan Lake front. Tam didn’t really feel much action. After the lake front we wandered around Wal-mart for about an hour.

Oct. 12 @ 15:00 – Headed home. Tam still didn’t really feel anything. She bounced on her ball for another hour or so. Still didn’t feel anything so we went for another walk. At this point we really didn’t feel like anything was going to happen.

Oct. 12 @ 17:30 – Had a nap.

Oct. 12 @ 18:30 – Went back to the hospital for our 18:30 check up. Tam still didn’t feel anything but they hooked her up to the non-stress test machine (NST) and it showed she was having very mild but regular contractions. She still couldn’t really feel them but they showed up on the monitor. The doctor wanted us to stay the night in case she did go into active labour. The doctor was concerned about Tam’s sugar levels going out of whack because she had gestational diabetes. We thought we were going to spend the night at the hospital and go home the next morning. We were told to go out, have some dinner, relax and be back by 22:00.

Oct. 12 @ 22:00 – Settled down at the hospital. Put a movie into the laptop and tried to get a little sleep. We were pretty bummed at this point because nothing seemed to be working.

Oct. 13 @ 24:00 – Tam starts to have some regular cramping. Contractions starting.

Oct. 13 @ 02:00 – Contractions in full swing. It is about now we realize baby is on his way.

Oct. 13 @ 04:00 – Tam has a shot of pain relief. She says it didn’t really help with the pain but it did help her relax and sort of snooze between contractions (which are about 90 seconds apart). I call the grandparents to let them know the process has started.

Oct. 13 @ 04:30 – Nana Mercer and my sister-in-law Sonia show up. Sonia is my helper in the delivery room. Tam’s is coping with the pain by using gas. The gas is modern laughing gas. Tam said that it didn’t really do much for pain but you have to breathe in a particular way for it to work. She said this really helped her focus on her breathing and helped her keep her mind off the pain.

Oct. 13 @ 06:30 – Grandma Nunes and Auntie Em roll in. They help establish Camp Babe’s Acommin in the hallway. Normally you are not allowed to wait on the maternity floor while there is a birth in progress but it just happened that we were the only ones in labour at the time so it wasn’t a big deal.

Oct. 13 @ 09:00 – Doctor comes in and breaks Tam’s water. Things get real painful and Tam is really for an epidural. The epi goes in at 09:30 and it wasn’t a moment too soon. Post water break contractions were extremely painful.

Oct. 13 @ 14:30 – Doctor comes back to check on Tam and she is fully dilated. We had been watching a movie and relaxing most of the afternoon just waiting for things to happen. Pops Mercer got a kick out of the fact we had time to watch a movie while in labour. We start pushing.

Oct. 13 @ 15:24 – Baby Nunes is born! It was totally amazing. My wife did such an amazing job through the whole process. It just blew me away how strong she was during the whole thing. The doctor really didn’t think she would have a natural birth but we proved her wrong! (The doctor was worried the baby would be too large to delver without a c-section). He was 8lbs 6oz and was 21 ¼ inches long. Because Tam didn’t push for very long and because he had pooped before coming out he had some mucus in his lungs so he didn’t cry much. He mostly kind of grunted.

Oct. 13 @ 16:00 – Camp Babe’s Acommin rushes into the room. Nana and Grandma rush in. The whole room is just buzzing with people. It is pretty amazing.

Oct. 13 @ 16:45 – Mom feeds for the first time. They get the hang of it pretty quick.

Oct. 13 @ 17:30 – Moved to post partum room. More Aunts, Uncles and friends show up. It is all pretty cool and everyone is pretty impressed.

Oct. 14 @ 10:00 – Mom and Dad survived the first night and also come up with a name. We say good morning to Benjamin Christopher!

Oct. 15 @ 12:00 – Ben comes home!

So that is the basic run down. I could go into much more detail but that is how the labour and birth basically went down. I cannot express how proud I am of my wife. She was totally amazing though the whole process. She was so brave and so focused. She never once said she was scared or worried. She was just all about finding her zone and staying focused.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Sonia for helping me out in the delivery room.  She allowed me to stay focused on my wife through the process and also made sure there was always some one with her.  I was able to get a bathroom and food break in once and a while.  She also did a great job of snapping Ben’s first photos.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and help.

We are settling in fairly comfortably and we are all getting used to each other. Every day things seem to get a little easier and we understand and learn a little more. There will be many more Ben related posts to come and I look forward to sharing my stories with the world.

Nunes/Gough Baby Pool

Nothing like mixing the birth of a new child and gambling!  Hey-oh!  But seriously it is very cool that my cousin and I are expecting child and we have the same due date (or rather she is expecting and my wife is).  Anyway our families put together a baby pool for guessing due dates.  Here are the complete standings:

Name Baby Nunes Baby Gough
Grandma Nunes Oct. 14 @ 0300 Oct. 17 @ 0900
Grandma Bain Oct. 10 @ 0500 Oct. 09 @ 0400
Grandpa Bain Oct. 12 @ 0923 Oct. 12 @ 0645
Grandpa Nunes Oct. 16 @ 0100 Oct. 17 @ 0500
Shelly & John T. Oct. 10 @ 1035 Oct. 10 @ 1300
Gary T. Oct. 11 @ 2230 Oct. 14 @ 0745
Dianne T. Oct. 20 @ 0645 Oct. 22 @ 2350
Auntie Lisa Oct. 07 @ 0230 Oct. 11 @ 0130
Auntie Emily Oct. 08 @ 0300 Oct. 12 @ 0300
Momma Leah Oct. 10 @ 1730 Sep. 30 @ 0400
Pappa Brad Oct. 07 @ 1800 Oct. 10 @ 0300
Pappa Ryan Oct. 12 @ 0800 Sep. 29 @ 2000
Gr. Grandpa T. Oct. 08 @ 0255 Oct. 06 @ 0255
Doris Oct. 11 @ 0415 Oct. 13 @ 0330
Jason Oct. 13 @ 1500 Oct. 14 @ 1600
Ray & Bean Oct. 12 @ 0600 Oct. 12 @ 1200
Uncle Scott Oct. 11 @ 2100 Oct. 02 @ 1100
Marci Oct. 08 @ 1000 Oct. 05 @ 1200
Amie Oct. 08 @ 0725 Oct. 07 @ 0655
R & M Sewell Oct. 16 @ 0135 Oct. 15 @ 0215
Eddie & Brain Murphy Oct. 11 @ 0526 Oct. 17 @ 2016
Anne & Tom Foltyn Oct. 14 @ 0425 Oct. 18 @ 0325
Dale & Chelsea Oct. 18 @ 0200 Oct. 18 @ 1526
Mamma Tamara Oct. 19 @ 1900 Oct. 20 @ 1300
Anutie Sonia Oct. 12 @ 2400 Oct. 14 @ 1601
Uncle Josh Oct. 15 @ 2400 Oct. 13 @ 0400
Nanna Mercer Oct. 09 @ 0228 Oct. 10 @ 1301
Pops Mercer Oct. 12 @ 0928 Oct. 16 @ 2400

The winner is the closest person to the date and time without going over.  For all other rules please contact my mother.  Good luck!

Edit (Oct. 6):  I have crossed out any guesses who do not qualify anymore.  We have a few off the list already.

Edit (Oct. 8):  A few more people have fallen off the list.  Also, due to internet chatter, I suspect we will have a winner on the Gough side soon!

Edit (Oct. 9):  Congrats to Leah and Ryan!  They had a baby girl around 1800 last evening.  I don’t have a name, exact time or weight but will post as soon as I know those details.  The unofficial results says Grandma Bain is the closest prediction.  Congrats to Grandma Bain and good luck to the Gough family!  Please send pictures soon!

Edit (Oct. 23):  Well the race has come to an end.  I guess mothers really do know best.  Congrats to the new Grandmothers.  May they spend their winnings wisely (on their new Grandkids!)  Keep checking back to my blog.  I will have a post up soon about the whole experience and my first few weeks as a father.

Baby’s Room Transformation

So we are getting pretty close to being ready (as we can be!) for baby.  Part of this process was getting baby’s room together.  We had a room that would work but we weren’t big fans of the colour and the carpet was over 15 years old (and looked that way).  So it was my job to transform the ‘meh’ room into the ‘Awwwe!  That is soooo cute!’ room.  Here is that process.

This is the first coat of primer.  The original colour was a deep blue so it was hard to cover over.  In the end I did three coats of primer and two of the paint.  Also notice I have removed all the electrical face plates.  In the end I put in all new plugs and switches with the newer ‘square look’ sockets and switches.  The original ones had paint on them from a previous paint job.




I had also removed all the old carpet and baseboards before painting.  Trash from the spikey carpet things is in the closet.


After two more coats of primer the blue was almost gone.






First coat of green looked nice.  Our bulldogge Ivy was a great help.  She played foreman at the door.


The client and his/her vessel inspecting the project.  A two kick approval was given.



My helpers making sure I was on track.


Second coat of paint is now done.



New flooring goes in.  Big thanks to @SheldonPearce and Josh Mercer for lending a hand.





Baseboards and vent grate when in.  Thanks again to @SheldonPearce for finding me the baseboards.



Mamma with all the baby loot from her shower.  Thank you to everyone who attended.  We have so much stuff and everyone was so very generous



Crib and dresser look great.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Nunes.  Also a big thanks to Nana and Pops Mercer for the stroller, car seat and playpen.  I am sure pictures of those will show up very soon.



Installed the closet organizer and put the original baseboards back in the closet.


Thanks again to Nana Mercer for the bedding, mobile, window valance, laundry hamper and wall hangings (not shown).




Little shelves were grabbed at Zellers and fit just perfect under the window.





The project is pretty much at an end.  We just need to hang a few things on the wall and it is done.  Once again a big thanks to those who helped out.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

Baby Updates Right to Your Phone!

As most of my very dedicated readership knows (readership.  Bah ha!) I am having a baby.  As it is getting close to baby time many people are asking how they can get information about what is going on.  While we will be contacting some people by phone it is just too busy to call everyone.  But now, through the wonders of modern technology, you can get breaking news right on you mobile phone.  If you have a cell phone that can send and receive text messages you can get the latest play by play about what is going on with our birth.  To do this you need to get yourself a Twitter account.

Twitter is this new(ish) thing on the internet and it does a bunch of amazing things.  For the purpose of Baby Watch ’09, we are going to use it to get messages from me as labour/birth progresses.  Don’t worry though, you will not be getting any graphic details.  So lets get set up with Twitter!


First go to in any web browser.  Click on Sign up now.


Next, sign up for the service.  There is a one page form you fill out.  It is pretty basic.  Because it has been so long I can’t remember but you may have to check your email once you sign up for a confirmation email.  But regardless it will tell you what you need to know.  Now go back to and sign in.  The sign in button is at the top right of the main page.


You will now be at your twitter home page.  You first need to follow me.  Click on the Find People link in the top right corner of your twitter page.


Make sure you are on the Find on Twitter tab along the top and then type nimrod108 in the search box.  A list of names will show up.  Look for me.  I am the funny digital face on the purple background.  It will also say Brad Nunes under nimrod108.  Click the Follow button.  Now you are following me.  Next we have to set up your cell phone to receive updates.


On your twitter home page, click the settings link.  Find the devices tab along the top.  Enter your cell phone number in the mobile phone box.  Make sure you check off the box that reads ‘It’s okay for Twitter to send txt messages to my phone.  Standard rates apply.’  If you don’t check that box you will not get my updates.  Twitter will then ask that you send a txt message to a number.  This step makes sure you are the one holding the phone.  This prevents someone from setting your phone up so you get slammed with messages.  Once you get tired of getting my updates you can come back to this page to remove your phone from the service.  Twitter does not charge for txt messages.  Your cell phone company may charge you.  It depends on your plan.  Most of the time it is not more then about 25 cents per message but many plans include at least a few a month and I promise not to send hundreds of them.


Now that you have a phone registered from Twitter you have to tell it to get my updates.  From your twitter home page, click on the following link.  In the list look for my name.


Because I can’t follow myself we will pretend I am WilliamShatner.  You will notice a little phone icon across from my name.  It may be a bit hard to see on some screens but it looks like a little phone in a little circle.  If you click on it, it will turn green.


Once the icon is green, that means anything I say on twitter will get sent to your phone.  Messages will come from a funny looking number (21212) but they should say my name at the start of my message.

So that is how you follow me on twitter and get those updates on your cell phone.  If you are friends with me on Facebook I will also be updating my status as things progress (twitter does that for me as well!) but you will have to refresh the page to see any new updates.  If you have questions or have any comments please post them below.  I do check them and it makes me feel special.

Smile for the crazy sound wave camera


Everyone loves baby pictures and now it is my turn to show some off.  Tamara had her first ultra-sound yesterday.  It was a very cool experience.  The photos I have in the article are scans of the photos they printed for us so the quality isn’t great.  Also, it is like trying to shoot a moving object with a digital camera.  There is a slight delay so you could see everything a lot better on the monitor.

The experience was very cool.  It helps make it all much more real.  Hearing the heartbeat about a month ago was the first real sign we had something going on.  I mean the tests tell you but the heartbeat is pretty much proof.  This just added to it.  There is really something going on inside there.  The one thing that just didn’t occur to me before the ultra-sound is that we saw it move.  I guess because I am used to seeing pictures of ultra-sounds it never occurred to me that we could see it move.  We did and that was just very cool.  The little baby was just squirming around.  They say Tamara should be able to feel it within a few weeks.  I think that may blow her mind.

They are going to schedule another ultra-sound around 18-20 weeks.  This one was at 15 weeks, 4 days.  I have coffee with a lady who is an ultra-sound tech and she says that your best pictures start at about 18 weeks.  For now you will have to look at these grainy blobs which I promise really are pictures of a baby in my wife’s belly and not that alien I keep in a jar under my bed to offer as a peace trade when Zarcon returns from the Zeeboo galaxy to reclaim the human race.  But I digress.  Leave you comments about babies (and aliens if you like).

Please note there are two of each picture.  There is the origianl and a copy where I highlighted the important bits.


Two pink lines

On February 1st, my wife peed on a little stick and my whole world started to change.  This is the story so far…

My wife and I started ‘not trying to prevent getting pregnant’ in November of 2008.  It was a good time to start the process because if she did get pregnant then she would be off for an entire school year and not have to leave partway through.  This would just make things easier on her and on her students.  We honestly thought we may have been pregnant the first unprotected month but it was a false alarm.  December was a bust as well.  It was about this time that we started to think that it wouldn’t happen for a while.  It takes many people from 6 months to a year to get pregnant.  We did not feel that we would be any different.  The positive result was a complete surprise.

We were trying to keep our trying quite.  We didn’t want to announce that we were baby-making.  We did arouse some suspicion.  Because she could become pregnant at any time, Tamara opted not to drink while we were trying.  She had recently been to an information session hosted through the school district on the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).  She learned that some studies show that alcohol can affect the fetus as soon 7 days after conception.  We didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks.  Unfortunately this meant she wasn’t drinking over Christmas.  My wife isn’t a big drinker but it is tradition to have a few over Christmas.  Both my mother and hers noticed that she was skipping out on the booze in her cranberry and ginger ale.

I was a little worried about how I was going to feel when it actually happened.  I always knew I wanted kids.  I have pretty much wanted to be a father (someday) a long as I can remember.  I was still worried that once I found out I might start thinking that I wasn’t ready or some other creeping feeling.  To date I have not felt any of those feelings.  I mean I am worried about the mechanics of everything.  I am worried about providing and being a good parent but I am not worried at all about being a parent.  I am just full of joy about it.  I have this feeling that whatever challenges come up, I can face them with my wife and we will overcome for us and our child.  I am so excited.  I have not once thought that we can’t handle it.  I know I am not truly ready.  No one is!  But I know that this is something I have wanted for a long time and I cannot wait to welcome this child into the world.

Finding out was fun.  My wife picked up a test that evening just because she was at the end of her cycle and thought she may as well check.  She did her business and then we went to shave my head.  She had almost forgotten she did the test when she walked into the bathroom.  She looked down and then called me over saying it was positive.  I thought she was pulling my leg, so I said no.  She said yes and then I saw her face.  I can normally tell when she is pulling my leg.  Her eyes told me she wasn’t.  Now we started to frantically trying to determine if we could have done the test wrong.  They say to check it after 2 minutes and it had been closer to 10.  So she started reading the box and I jumped onto the Internet trying to determine how valid the test was.  Our findings were that false negatives do happen but false positives are extremely rare.  Also, test results tend to stay valid for a few days.  Of course we still weren’t completely convinced so first thing the next morning Tamara tried another stick and this time we timed it to the second.  Again we saw two pink lines.

So that is the story so far.  Please stay tuned for further updates.  Also please leave comments about how you found out you were having a child.