Zen and the art of dog training

This is a bit of a two part post;  one about dog ownership and the other about dog training.  First lets talk about the 2 dogs I own.  My wife and I have an 8 year old black lab named Sadie.  She is great at fetching and pants a lot.  She is also great at shedding but we love her just the same.  Sadie was about 2 years old when she came into my wife’s life and about 5 or so when she met me.  She is fairly well trained but also fairly stuck in her ways.  Our latest doggie addition is Olde Kingdom’s Poison Ivy (or just Ivy).  She is an Olde English Bulldogge from Olde Kingdom Bulldogges (http://oldekingdombulldogges.canadianwebs.com/index.html).  She was loving birthed by my bother-in-law and sister-in-law on March 16, 2008.  I cannot tell you how awesome this dog is.  She is so friendly and just wants to love everything.  She is also very smart and loves to work.  As a side note there are brand new puppies available for sale right now.  The first litter was born last weekend (7 puppies!) and their other female should give birth this weekend.  Again these are amazing dogs bread by a fantastic and loving breeder.

The interesting thing about Olde English Bulldoggs (as opposed to English Bulldogs) is that Olde English Bulldogges are a recreation bread started in the 70’s.  These dogs are much more healthy then the English bulldogs (which normally suffer from breathing and back issues).  They are normally taller and don’t have quite the squished in face of the English.  They also tend to have more energy.

We have been taking Ivy to many different training classes over the last year and a bit.  It started with basic obeisance but then we move into rally training.  Rally is a lot of work with the dog at your side.  You walk with the dog and have them do different heeling exercises.  She doesn’t do a bad job and if we had the time to practice with her on a regular basis she would be quite good at it.  From rally we also moved onto agility.  This is when you send your dog flying through an obstacle course.  They go through tunnels and over jumps.  Ivy loves this.  She goes bananas through the course.  We take the course through Country Canine (countryk9@telus.net) in Kaleden.  Cindy is amazing to work with and will help you with pretty much any dog.

If you follow my wife on facebook she has a ton of pictures of the dogs on her profile.  My sister-in-law is also on facbook (Sonia Watson-Mercer) and she would be happy to answer any of your ‘Oldie’ related questions.  Here is also another site with some information on the dogs:  http://www.canadasguidetodogs.com/bulldogge.htm

So I have this little problem

Sorry that this post is so late.  I also just wanted to quickly say that I picked up the player’s handbook 2 this week and it is awesome.  There are some sweet new classes that might get some use in an upcoming delve I am running.  Stay tuned for more details.

Our heroes, having just finished cleaning out a thieves den, we asked to remove the local dragon problem.  They went back into the depths of Kobold Hall to pay the dragon a visit.  Because the dragon was expecting our heros to give him treasures they were able to position themselves around the dragon and pounce from all angles.  Using sword and spell our heroes quickly brought the dragon to the ground.  Treasure was spread around and Hesikiah found a holy symbol of Ioun which he will use to smite enemies in the name of his god.

Our heroes returned to town to great fanfare.  The party was awarded with gold and a horse.  Kane is now the proud owner of a brown and red colt named Scorch.  As their fame spread so has requests for their service.  They were approached by a local cleric who needs their help.  The cleric has noticed a long abandoned tower on an island in the middle of the river seems to have new residents.  The cleric is worried that whoever is in the tower has taken up the dark arts of the previous resident.  The heroes accepted the challenge and made their way to the tower.

 The heroes entered the ruins of the tower.  They were greeted by a hoard of skeletons.  Kava rushed into battle with axes swing and Sarge pushed his way in with his hammer smashing.  The skeletons surged forward towards the party but were blasted back by Hesikiah’s turn undead prayer.  Riding behind the wave of Hesikiah’s prayer the party overcame the bony bastards.  Exploring the chamber Sarge found a Toxic Warpick, Kane found a secret door in a coffin, and Hesikiah found a very ornate mirror.  When they looked into the mirror they saw a shadowy face of a woman.  She said ‘help’ and urged the heroes to go deeper into the tower to set her free.

Descending to the level below our heroes were greeted by a powerful stench.  In a dark, filth-ridden chamber, lurking dead lurched towards them.  Heskiah’s attacks burn the zombies with radiant damage.  Sarge was covered by a glob of filth one of the zombies hurled at him.  The stench was so powerful he wasn’t able to make full strength attack.  Kava killed a zombie only to have it rise behind him and swat at him again.  Hesikiah’s Lance of Faith put him down permanently.  Sarge was able to shake off the filth and the party sent the zombies back to the grave.

Descending once again the party entered a room that seemed to be an old barracks.  They heard a growling and around a corner came a pack of rotting and diseased dogs.  Working in packs they lunged at the party.  The party managed to prevent getting surrounded by using a moat of cover.  They hacked and slashed and pounded the pooches into pulp.

The party has been successful so far in their quest but they still don’t know the nature of the evil but Hesikiah has started to act a little strange about his mirror.  Maybe it holds the answers?