My apologies for not keeping my players up to date.  This should get us current.

Our heroes continues their trek to up the mountain.  After dispatching some bears they came to a door with a puzzling lock.  After some short deliberation they attempted to open it… and it swung open with ease.  They later determined that failure would have resulted in some form of pain.

They followed the mountain trail down through a lair of bats and after defeating a very nasty trap with whirling blades, they found a one legged kobold who wanted to aid the heroes in killing the tribe that disowned him.  The kobold lead the heroes to an ancient dwarven keep that had been taken over by the kobolds.  They fought their way through kobolds, rats, a game of skull-skull and drakes until they were able to climb a tall tower to discover the real threat.  They also lost a few members of the party.  When searching for a place to rest for the night Kava and Sarge fell and were swept away in an underground river.  Their whereabouts are unknown.  The part did meet some new friends.  They liberated a Halfling who was being roasted by the kobolds.  Moto has proven very good with a blade.  They also met a paladin named Vars who came to help the heroes after meeting up with the priest in Fallcrest.  Lastly the heroes were joined by a female half-orc ranger who had been stalking gnolls in the mountain hoping to collect on the bounty for their heads.  The new party is proving to be very effective.  The true leader of the kobolds was the grey dragon who had been harassing the quarry.  And she wasn’t alone!  The dragon and her young son blasted at the heroes but using divine intervention they were able to hold the dragon in place and lay the beat down on it.

Our heroes now continue to explore the passages of the Whitestone Mountains.  They are still looking for the gnoll encampment, the Halfling alchemist and the location of the evil monastery.

You may have noticed we have an extra person in our party.  Gary has been joining us on Skype.  It has been working out well.  He is playing the halfling.  The other party swapping came because we thought we were loosing our fighter and the party really needed a tank so our ranger became our tank (paladin) but then our original tank was able to work us back into his schedule…  so he became a ranger.  Very ironic but both players are enjoying their new roles.

So I have this little problem

Sorry that this post is so late.  I also just wanted to quickly say that I picked up the player’s handbook 2 this week and it is awesome.  There are some sweet new classes that might get some use in an upcoming delve I am running.  Stay tuned for more details.

Our heroes, having just finished cleaning out a thieves den, we asked to remove the local dragon problem.  They went back into the depths of Kobold Hall to pay the dragon a visit.  Because the dragon was expecting our heros to give him treasures they were able to position themselves around the dragon and pounce from all angles.  Using sword and spell our heroes quickly brought the dragon to the ground.  Treasure was spread around and Hesikiah found a holy symbol of Ioun which he will use to smite enemies in the name of his god.

Our heroes returned to town to great fanfare.  The party was awarded with gold and a horse.  Kane is now the proud owner of a brown and red colt named Scorch.  As their fame spread so has requests for their service.  They were approached by a local cleric who needs their help.  The cleric has noticed a long abandoned tower on an island in the middle of the river seems to have new residents.  The cleric is worried that whoever is in the tower has taken up the dark arts of the previous resident.  The heroes accepted the challenge and made their way to the tower.

 The heroes entered the ruins of the tower.  They were greeted by a hoard of skeletons.  Kava rushed into battle with axes swing and Sarge pushed his way in with his hammer smashing.  The skeletons surged forward towards the party but were blasted back by Hesikiah’s turn undead prayer.  Riding behind the wave of Hesikiah’s prayer the party overcame the bony bastards.  Exploring the chamber Sarge found a Toxic Warpick, Kane found a secret door in a coffin, and Hesikiah found a very ornate mirror.  When they looked into the mirror they saw a shadowy face of a woman.  She said ‘help’ and urged the heroes to go deeper into the tower to set her free.

Descending to the level below our heroes were greeted by a powerful stench.  In a dark, filth-ridden chamber, lurking dead lurched towards them.  Heskiah’s attacks burn the zombies with radiant damage.  Sarge was covered by a glob of filth one of the zombies hurled at him.  The stench was so powerful he wasn’t able to make full strength attack.  Kava killed a zombie only to have it rise behind him and swat at him again.  Hesikiah’s Lance of Faith put him down permanently.  Sarge was able to shake off the filth and the party sent the zombies back to the grave.

Descending once again the party entered a room that seemed to be an old barracks.  They heard a growling and around a corner came a pack of rotting and diseased dogs.  Working in packs they lunged at the party.  The party managed to prevent getting surrounded by using a moat of cover.  They hacked and slashed and pounded the pooches into pulp.

The party has been successful so far in their quest but they still don’t know the nature of the evil but Hesikiah has started to act a little strange about his mirror.  Maybe it holds the answers?

Deal with the devil?

Here is our weekly D&D update.

When last we saws are intrepid heroes they had just defeated an evil Kobold chief and were getting ready to explore what was behind the secret door.  After resting for the night the players traveled down a long hallway that got progressively colder.  At the bottom of the trail the entered a great cavern sparkling with ice crystals.  Unfortunately they had stumbled into the lair of the true ruler of the kobolds, a young white dragon named Szartharrax.  The dragon got the jump on the heroes.  They were able to escape due to a well timed fear prayer from Hesikiah.

Upon returning to town to collect a bounty on the Kobolds the heroes got into an argument with the local lord.  He did not want to pay them for killing the kobold’s chief because the dragon was the true leader.  After an out-burst by Kane which landed him in the stockade for 4 days, the heroes planned to strike a deal with the dragon to exact revenge against the lord who wronged them.

It was at this point the heroes said fair well to the brave paladin Wil.  Upon his departure they gave him a sizable donation to his temple.  Blessing them and bidding them farewell he walked off into the sunset.  They met up with a new member of the group; a Dragonborn fighter named Serge.  Like the rest of the group, Serge came to Fallcrest to seek fortune only to find a lack of work.  As word of the heroes’ victory spread, he looked to join up with them to aid his hunt for gold.

Gathering all the gold, silver and copper they could, they descended again to meet with the dragon.  They were able to flash the gold and get the dragon’s attention.  The dragon showed little interest in the lord but did ask the heroes to go deal with the local porter’s guild leader.  It came to the dragon’s attention that he was moving very valuable goods for someone.  The dragon wants the heroes to collect the goods for him and deal with any potential threats to his power in the area.

The heroes find the guild leader, a dwarf named Barstomun Strongbeard, drinking in the Lucky Gnome.  The heroes confront him and tell him about the dragon’s plot in the hopes to set a trap to betray the dragon and settle the score with the lord.  He listens to the heroes with an air of insincerity.  The dwarf tries to discover the location of the dragon and when he fails, he orders the heroes a round of drinks and disappears into the back room.  Thinking he is saving his friends from a possible poisoning, Kava slams Serge into the heroes table.  Using the disturbance as a distraction, Barstomun’s thugs attack.  A fantastic bar brawl ensues highlighted with Kane roasting a Halfling by blasting him into a fireplace.

Our heroes then raced off to find the sneaky dwarf who set them up.  They found a hidden door inside a giant beer keg and discovered an underground compound.  The first room of this compound consisted of many raised platforms over a sandy pit.  As our heroes rushed forward they were pepper by arrows shot by a bandit commander and his hobgoblin henchmen.  Our heroes made short work of the hobgoblin thugs sent forward to dispatch our heroes but Kane came to know the painful sting of arrow fire shot by the archers.  Hesikiah was able to revive him but the mage was overcome once again by a swarm of rats that live in the pit.  Serge rushed forward in an attempt to stop the archers.  Unfortunately the bandit commander was able to subdue him.  Things were looking bleak for our heroes.  Their fighter and their mage were both down.  But they were not overtaken.  Serge, through an act of shear will, was able to pick himself up and surge forward to take down an archer.  Using arrow fire and axe swings Kava was able to subdue the other archer.  Hesikiah was able to raise Kane.  Finally the team came together using spell and steel to vanquish the commander.  The rats were content to feed themselves on the bodies of the fallen foe.

Our heroes continue their chase after the evil dwarf.  Where will their path lead them next?