The doctor will see you now

We last left our heroes batted and bruised after an encounter a large gelatinous cube.  The party decided to rest and heal before continuing on.  They heard some noises during the night but they were able to sleep un-interrupted.

Once they woke they made their way to the sealed door.  They combined the two halves of disk they found.  Once inserted into the door the disk acted like a key, letting them open the door.  The room behind was lit with an eerie light.  It appeared to be some kind of laboratory where strange medical experiments were performed.  The heroes were greeted by a par of forsaken shells.  These were the skins of unfortunate victims who were brought back to life by some evil necromancy.  They lunged at the heroes and their attacks drained the very life essence from the party.  Also in the room was an extremely vile creature.  It was a mass of discarded bones and organs which was brought back to life in the form of large beast.  It bit at the heroes with its massive jaws.  Hesikiah tried to turn back the abominations but his prayer went unanswered but luckily the horrors we not immune to blows from Kava and Sarge.  Hesikiah was able to keep the party on their feel with his healing prayers and did manage to some damage with his sacred flame.  Kane, in his usual fashion, blasted the enemies.  He was very effective using his signature Cloud of Daggers.

After destroying the horrors of the lab, the heroes opened a door at the far end of the room.  Behind the door was a library.  Here, another pack of undead dogs charged the party.  Kane also managed to spot a couple of ghouls waiting in ambush for the party.  There was also an odd jar sitting at the far end of room.  As Hesikiah and Kane dealt with the dogs and Sarge dealt with the ghouls, Kava took a pot shot at the Jar.  As he hit it, a voice screamed in the heads of the party.  The jar contained the brain of some powerful person.  It started to float around the room, blasting at the minds of the party.  It grabbed the mind of Sarge and turned him against his allies.  The louder the Jar screamed the louder the mirror yelled back.  The party was able to wrestle their minds from the jar.  Kava managed to get an arrow off and pin the brain to the bookshelf behind.

The party was victorious, or at least they think they are.  Kane noticed a major shift in the magicial fields in the room once the brain was dead and Hesikiah seems to be getting very antsy as he plays with the mirror he has carefully stuffed into his pants.

Ooze and claws and skin, oh my!

We pick up our story as our heroes continue to explore the tower in Fellcrest.  After defeating the undead hounds, our heroes go deeper under the tower.  The light from the rooms above fade as they dive deeper to discover the source of the tower’s undead.  They reach a room that has a raised platform that traveled over a shallow pool.  The pool got deeper as they went further into the room.  They didn’t get very far when the party was accosted by 3 sodden ghouls.  The ghouls slithered up to the party and slashed at them with their long claws.  As the party was beating back the ghouls, a specter appeared in their midst, chilling anyone near.  The party managed to beat back the ghouls but had to return outside to rest and recuperate.

After resting and returning to the dungeon the party made their way back through the water room.  They discovered an ornate fountain at the far end of the room.  Unfortunately Hesikiah was so enamored by its beauty he didn’t notice the weak spot in the walkway.  He plunged into the cold murky water and (due to his heavy armor) started to sink.  Quick thinking Kava tied a rope to one of his axes and sunk a line down to Hesikiah.  The party pulled him to safety.

The party entered a long hallway with three doors; the closest one to the left, another further down to the right and the third at the far end of the hall.  They decided to enter the door to the left first.  They found themselves in an undead aviary with rotting buzzard-like creatures, flying flaps of skin and even a swarm of zombiefied needle drakes.  The buzzards slashed at the heroes’ faces, blinding them.  The skin kites darted in and out, slashing the heroes with their claws and then wrapped themselves around the heroes’ faces, blinding and biting at them.  Kava, with blood stinging his eyes made heroic attacks, killing enemies while blind.  After finding half of a circular key, our battered heroes decided to lock themselves in the aviary to rest for the night.

During the evening a couple of hungry oozes lurked into the hallway and gave them rude awaking.  Kane was able to lock down an ooze while Kava and Sarge beat down on the other.  Even after the oozes split in two the party was still able to dispatch them fairly quickly.

The party then ventured into the room on the other side of the hall.  They discovered a room full of holding cells… and a very large gelatinous cube.  The cube instantly sucked in Kava and Sarge and started to digest them.  Hesikiah and Kane tried to save them but they were attacked by swarms of crawling claws.  Sarge and Kava tried to slice and beat the cube from the inside and were able to damage it but not able to subdue it.  Kava fell unconscious more then once and only recovered himself by sheer force of will.  Nearly dead, the wizard and cleric were able to overcome the claws, Sarge was able to wrestle him self free, and the party finally managed to bring down the cube and free Kava from the acid.  As they were licking their wounds, the party found a very nice robe for Kane.

This dungeon is proving a difficult challenge for our heroes but with the mirror still urging on, the heroes feel compelled to continue on.