Dancing in the moonlight

I am going to be a one man Broadway production pretty soon.  Not only do I sing in a choir but my wife and I also ballroom dance.  Tamara really wanted to branch out from the two dances I am familiar with; the two-step and the seventh-grade shuffle.  We found a course in the Penticton Parks and Rec. guide so we gave it a shot.  We really like it and now are enrolled in the advanced class.

The basic course comes in two flavours.  In one you learn the jive, cha-cha and foxtrot and in the other you still learn jive and cha-cha but foxtrot is replaced by the waltz.  The instructors are great and they break things down really simply.  We ended up taking the basic course 3 times because that was the only course offered.  By the third time we had learned pretty much all the moves they were teaching but I highly recommend taking the basic course at least twice to you can pick up all the dances.  The waltz and foxtrot have similar moves so you can apply a lot of what you learn from one dance to the next.  Learning the basics is really key to building up your repertoire of moves.

Over the winter the instructors put on a smaller class for couples who had taken the basic course and were looking to pick up a few more tricks.  It was really fun and it really expanded on what we have already learned.  The current advanced class is very interesting and quite challenging.  In this class I find you have to break away from the standard footwork and then find a way to get back into it.  In the basic class your feet basically keep doing the same thing while you spin around each other.

The one challange I wasn’t really expecting from dance was how hard it is on my brain.  I find I really have to think hard about my feet, the next move I want to do, my posture, and the rhythm.  I have a hard time pointing my brain in two directions so I find it quite challanging.  I can see why dancing would be a good thing to continue to do as you age.  You do get some physicall activity and it really is a mental work out as well.

It has been a very fun experience and I totally recommend it to anyone.  I am not sure when the next class is but you can find the latest Penticton rec. guide here. http://www.penticton.ca/city/parks_rec/default.asp  Check it out and have some fun.