Smashing my meat through Texas – Burger

Hi Folks.  Another year means another burger recipe.  This one took top honors at the second annual Nunes’ Yard Knife Fight!  I’ll give the recipe for a single burger.  Please scale up for each burger.

2x 85g balls of regular ground beef (not lean, you need the fat)
2x slice of pepper-jack cheese
1tsp BBQ sauce
1tsp mayonnaise
1tbsp (heaped) sauced pulled pork
1-2 onion rings*
2tsp butter
1 plain white bun (fresh but not fancy)

*if you are making your own onion rings here is the ingredients for that.
3/4C of AP Flour
1 can cheap beer
Salt & Pepper
1 Sweet Onion

Ok so IF you can, make your own pulled pork some time in advance.  Pulled pork is great in that you can freeze leftovers and this is a great use.  I always like to put a pork product on my burgers (typically bacon) but this is a great little mix up.  Because the pulled pork is (or should be) a smoked product you still get a little of that bacon-esq flavor going on while providing new flavors and a neat new texture.  Pulled pork is less ‘chewy’ than bacon.  Keep the pulled pork warm on a very low burner while you work on the rest of the burger.

Cut and butter your bun and set aside.

Start heating your frying oil to about 350F (170C).  You can use store bought onion rings if you must but they are so easy to make using a simple beer batter.  O used 3/4C of AP flour, 1 can of cheap beer, salt, pepper and whatever other seasoning.  Whip it smooth.  Cut your onion into 1cm thick rings, dump in the batter and fry until crispy and golden.  Don’t over crowd your oil or the temp will drop.  I use about 5cm of oil in a dutch oven as my fryer.  Use a neutral oil like canola or vegetable.  You can use peanut (great fry oil) but check with guest re: allergies please.  I used a large sweet onion here.  Try to match your onion size to the size of your bun.  You want it to be just under bun diameter.  Once the rings come out of the oil place on a rack or paper towel to let extra oil off.  SALT YOUR RINGS!  They will taste super bland if you don’t.  Don’t be shy with the salt.  We aren’t making health food here today folks.  Keep the rings in just a low, warm oven (170F is my lowest oven setting).

Ok.  Now get a flat top or cast iron skillet nice and hot.  A medium high heat on a stovetop is great.  You CANNOT make this type of burger on a grill.  Trust me.  Toast your buns until they are nice and golden.  Set aside but have your other condiments ready.  These come together fast.

Toss your pulled pork onto the griddle.  It will get crispy as you cook your burgers.

Ball your meat into loose balls.  Do not add filler.  Do not pack tight.  Just nice loose balls of only meat.  Once your grill is hot place two balls down and then smash them to about 50 to 75mm thick.  Real nice and thin.  If you have a wide, flat fipper use that.  I used a sauce pot.  Whatever you have that is heavy and flat.  Smash it good.  These are called smash burgers.  Now DO NOT TOUCH the burgers for at least 45 to 90 seconds.  Just toss salt and pepper on them. Again be generous.  There is no other seasoning in these burgers.  Once you see the browning start to creep up the sides of the burger and you see some fat really start to sizzle, then we can flip.

Once we flip don’t bother seasoning again.  These are nice and thin so one side is fine.  Place your pepper jack on one of the burgers and rush over to your bun.  WAIT!  Check that pulled pork.  Toss it around a bit.  Don’t let it burn.  Ok.  Now to your bun.

You about about 45 seconds to get this right so buckle up charlie.  Toss some BBQ sauce on the bottom bun and some mayo on the top but.

Put your onion ring on the top bun and go get your pulled pork, put it on the bottom bun.

Ok.  Now your burgers should be just about ready.  Have a little peak under them to make sure they are nice and crusty.  Put the plain patty over the cheesed patty and then transfer onto your pulled pork.

That is it.  Bob’s your uncle.  It was a hell of a ride but you now have a very tasty BBQ inspired burger.  Enjoy!

Hawaiian style stuffed pork chops

These are tasty chops that are great on the grill.

6 boneless pork chops
1 small tin pinaple (pieces)
6 slices of mozzarella cheese
teriyaki sauce
soy sauce

Start by making a pocket in the pork chops.  Using a small, sharp knife, stab into the side of the pork chop.  Slide the knife back and forth without cutting through the other side of the chop.  You don’t want to butterfly the chop.

Once you have made a pocket, stuff the cheese and a few pieces of pineapple into each chop.  Put the chops in a marinating dish.  drizzle some soy sauce on the chops.  Pour a generous amount of teriyaki sauce on the chops.  Pour the pineapple juice from the tin on the chops.  Let them sit for at least 1 hour, turning after 30.  You can have them marinate for up to 8 hours.  The longer the better.

Grill the chops on medium high heat for about 4-5 minutes a turn (that means 8-10 mins per side).  For more information on how to turn your meat on the BBQ, see my post on how to cook a steak here.  When you first put the chops on the grill brush with some of the marinate.  Brush again after each turn.

Pull the chops off the grill, cover with tin foil and let the meat rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.  You can use the leftover pineapple for fruit salad.  You can ask the Lady of the Lake for her fruit salad recipe.

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