Vacation time

The times they are a changing.  I was without Internet for the last week because we were staying at my Grandfather-in-laws condo in New Westminster.  I thought that I would be able to leach Internet off of someone in the building or from one of the other 4 or 5 buildings near the block.  Not one person had an open Internet connection.  I remember the good old days when I could snatch Internet at almost all the bus stops along my route in Calgary.  I will have to remember next time to learn how to crack a Wi-Fi signal.  Anyway lets get back to the trip!

So Monday Tamara and I headed off to the coast.  The trip down went well.  We hit a little snow and slush along highway 3 but it wasn’t bad at all.  That evening we walked around New West a little and had dinner at the apartment.  I managed to get a few channels on the rabbit ears.

Very early on Tuesday morning (around 2am) my brother-in-law and his wife rolled into town.  Tuesday was very important because it was Tamara’s big freakin’ 3-oh!  After a short sleep we got up and headed to Stanley park to check out the aquarium.  It is odd how captivating fish can be.  I really enjoy going there.  There are all these kids running around and they are all so thrilled to be there.  The whole place is just very positive.  I do enjoy the irony that they serve fish and chips at the cafe.  From there we took a quick walk along Robson before heading to Moxie’s for a pre-game meal.  We then went to the hockey game.  This is the first time I have been to a Canucks game in GM place.  This was a great high energy game.  I really enjoyed it and I look forward to catching another game in the future.  A big thanks to Josh and Sonia for the tickets and for dinner.  Tamara really enjoyed her birthday.

We started off Wednesday with a trip out to see Tamara’s grandpa.  He is doing well and we hope to see again soon.  We said goodbye to Josh and Sonia and headed to the New West quay.  We thought we were crazy when we couldn’t find any shops.  We then saw a sign saying it was closed for renos.  We enjoyed a nice long walk along the boadwalk in rainy west coast weather.  It was  nice day.  That evening we drove out to Kitsalano to meet some friends for dinner.  Thanks for the meal Ben and Britney.  We will get you back next time you are in town.  That night we grabbed a DVD and headed back to the apartment.

On Thursdays we grabbed a day-long transit pass and made our way to Lonsdale quay via the sea-bus.  It is a cheap, fun trek.  I managed to find a few very nice teas.  From the quay we stopped back at Metrotown.  It is a grand monument to consumerism.  We got some frozen yogurt from an autonomous unit for mid mall snacking and did some people watching.  It is always fun watching people moving through the mall.  It attacks people from all walks of life.  After the mall we drove back to Vancouver for dinner with an old high-school friend of Tamara’s.  After that dinner we drove out to Langley to have another snack with Tamara’s cousin Dana.  We did a lot of catching up with friends and family this trip.  It was good.  After dinner number 2 we went to see the Watchmen on Imax.  Being a fan of the comic I really liked the movie.  Tamara enjoyed it but it was a little loud in some parts.

Friday we headed home.  On the way we saw Tam’s grandpa once more and then stopped in Aldergrove to see my grandpa and my aunt and uncle.  Thanks to Anutie Ann for lunch.

Tamara and I enjoyed our little trip very much.  It was very relaxing and we had lots of fun.  We had good times and shared good meals with friends and family.  Please post about any recent trips you have gone on.